CAMELIAS IN JEJU NEWEST SAMPLE Camelias, a jeju pre wedding photoshoot package offers the opportunity to take romantic photos along the seaside! Other than the seaside, studio offers also scenery shoot that cannot be taking in other parts of Korea! Check out its sample 🙂


JASMINE 2018 NEW SAMPLE Jasmine Package with St-Jung woo has totally changed from its well known lovely cute concept to a more vintage antique ambiance. Some of its famous scenery (mini van, water, and balloon) are still remains yet taking at different angle 🙂 Take a look at its new Korean style pre wedding shoot        … Read More


2018 SEASIDE SHOOTING  Seaside Package offering an option to have indoor shoot in studio with seaside scenery. Only available during the summer time. Seaside shoot is located about 2 hours from Seoul area. Perfect for couples who would like to enjoy during the summer time a pre wedding shoot around the seaside! <


LAVENDER 2019 NEWEST SAMPLE Lavender package with Bong studio located about 30 minutes drive from Seoul, has been well known for its floral concept in its previous year sample. This year 2019 sample, there is more a mixture of floral and elegance feel. Its sample coloring tune has also changed. 🙂 Couples can enjoy its indoor shoot with… Read More


MOONFLOWER Moonflower package with HongJin Studio in Korea.  Offering a mixture of flowery, classic, modern photoshoot style with various day and night scene. 🙂                                                                                                                            … Read More


VIOLET SAMPLE Violet package with E photoessay studio, located about 50mins from Seoul offers a unique wide landscape view of korean style pre wedding shoot to customers. As the studio located in sub urban area, couple can enjoy taking their outdoor shoot while enjoying the landscape without rush. Based on the season you come, the… Read More


ACACIA 2019 SAMPLE Acacia package with May Studio located in Seoul area. In its new sample, it has added some of the recently famous outdoor style scenery. This is a plus for customers because no longer need to come while matching the season catch those scenes ^^ . The previous various backdrops remains available for shoot in this… Read More


ROSE SAMPLE Rose package with aligreaphy studio located in Gangnam distinct. Studio provides indoor shoot with free road scene in Garousugil, one of the famous street for coffee shops. Customers who want to capture date snaps photo in additional to the pre wedding shoot in Korea, highly recommend!              … Read More