*** Lilac Photoshoot during Winter***

Taking during the winter season in Korea 🙂
Very special day and experience for bride and groom. Spend a lot of in in Ski resort for photoshooting while confronting various unexpected obstacles~>V< But very special thank you to groom and bride's waiting patience on that day! Nice photos came out and thank you to all.


It has been one week since our photoshoot in Korea but we are still having really fond memories of the day’s events, it was a really enjoyable and memorable experience thanks to the commitment and coordination by Noripy. It is our dream to have our photoshoot in snowy landscape and we faced difficulties in looking for a studio willing to do that for us, we were definitely glad and relieved when we came across Kohit Wedding. Despite facing complications and some problems during the shoot, Noripy was very positive and she did not let us down.

Before that shoot, Noripy answered all our questions patiently and efficiently. When we finally met, she is a truly friendly, we warmed up to her and David like old friends. On top of that, Noripy is experienced and have an eye for details, always taking the initiatives to help us as much as she can during the shoot. She was really busy the whole day, but she went the extra mile to help us take some photographs using her phone and sent it to us the day after so that we could have a preview. We also wish to thank David for doing the BTS video, it was another extra service from Kohit. We spent a whole day doing the indoor/outdoor shoot without much food and rest but we had so much fun that we even felt a little sad when it ended. At the end of shoot, we were pleasantly surprised when Noripy and David presented us with a Xmas gift. Two thumbs up for the great service! We definitely recommend Kohit to anyone wishing to do a photoshoot in Korea. Thank you and all the best!
P/S: We had our shoot with Lilac studio, the service of the helper and the photographers were very commendable too. Even though we have not seen the photos, we are sure that it will turn out well.


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